Virat Kohli and Ricky Ponting.

Delhi Capitals and India spinner R Ashwin has confirmed that there was a heated argument between RCB captain Virat Kohli and DC coach Ricky Ponting during their IPL 2020 match.

In his YouTube show after Mumbai Indians won the title, Ashwin narrated the incident saying, “I had a back problem when I ran. It was a terrible pain. They took MRI scans and it was traced to a nerve pull to back. I went off after bowling. And you know Ricky, he won’t leave any fight. And when RCB questioned, he said we aren’t like that etc. Heat of moment”

On November 2, the wily off-spinner dismissed the RCB skipper for the first time in IPL. On the big wicket, Ashwin said, “I have always loved bowling to Virat. He would never take chances against me. Would not give his wicket; it was a matter of pride for him. MS Dhoni also, is like that. In Pune, 2016, I set him up with a ball outside off and it went really high and just as I was thinking, “Aaha, kohli wicket,” Ankit sharma let t he ball slip through his hands at extracover! Ai! What have you done!”

“From then on,people would keep saying Ashwin hasn’t taken a wicket of Kohli… and so when I finally took his wicket now, it was a happy and a pleasing moment; a personal justification of sorts,” he added.