Rishabh Pant. (Source: BCCI)

There is no doubt that Team India’s young wicketkeeper-batsman Rishabh Pant is an excellent player. Pant, along with his matchless talent, has amazing abilities and due to this, Pant is also considered as replacement of Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the Indian cricket team. Despite having so much talent, Pant is out of Team India today as he could not perform as Captain Virat Kohli wanted.

While KL Rahul has replaced wicketkeeping in place of Pant in ODIs, Wriddhiman Saha has taken him away from him in Test matches. In such a situation, the question arises again and again that when Pant can score big scores for his team Delhi

Capitals in IPL, then why not in international cricket?

Now Delhi Capitals assistant coach Mohammad Kaif has expressed his opinion on this issue and has given the biggest reason for Pant’s failure in international cricket. Kaif said that when Pant plays for Delhi, he bats very aggressively, while when Pant gets an opportunity to play for Team India, he does not know what kind of batting he has to do – aggressive or slow?

According to Kaif, the batting order of Pant in the Indian team has not been decided yet and that is why Pant is unable to repeat his IPL performance for Team India. Kaif said on Aakash Chopra’s YouTube channel ‘Akashvani’, “Rishabh Pant is an independent player. You should decide their batting order. They should know whether to defend or play aggressively. He is an aggressive batsman and can attack with the first ball.”

Kaif went on to say, “In the Delhi Capitals, Mary, Sourav Ganguly and Ricky Ponting’s Rishabh Pant were talked about many times that they should bat in the beginning. Later we decided that they should get at least 10 overs to play. This thing has not been decided by the Indian team yet. The Indian team is yet to decide their batting order, but in the IPL we have fixed their batting order. This is the reason why he performs well in the IPL.”