Ness Wadia and Preity Zinta. (Source: Twitter)

Instead of speculating on the IPL’s title sponsorship, Kings XI Punjab co-owner Ness Wadia shared his thoughts and focused that it should care on ensuring that during the event it could not be possible to get any covid-19 case according to him it is a good thing.

Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Vivo is supposed to back out from the Rs 440 crore per year contract at least this year because BCCI has not proved that Vivo has pulled out of title sponsorship for this season.

A lot of conjecture is running but according to me it is only absurd team owners know the only thing that the IPL is running they are also caring for the safety of the players in case if there is one case the IPL could be stopped .

Wadia said to PTI in a meeting on Wednesday evening. After a violent face-off between the indian and chinese soldiers in estern ladakh in June month Wadia said that the IPL should be gradually away from chinese sponsors.

Irrespective of Vivo’s future Wadia said that there are enough sponsors we do not need chinese company. What the BCCI has decided on sponsorship Wadia doesn’t know Wadia said that they need to support BCCI and will be meeting again soon because all the team owners had a productive meeting and they are on the same page to make success IPL.

Wadia said that all sponsors are going to negotiate but he will change his name if this IPL will not be the most watched IPL ever according to him his words should be marked.

Sponsors will make a wrong decision not to be a part of IPL. He really believes that if he were a sponsor then he would jump in the right way.

An exhaustive 16-page SOP has been sent to teams for a good conduct of the tournament. It is needed to be a part of a bio-secure environment for the players’ support, safety team, officials and owners.

Wadia said that they would not compromise with security. They have to adjust the environment and complete it one matter can destroy the IPL in the odd situation people need to do extraordinary.


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