Mumbai Indians. (Source: BCCI)

The most successful franchise of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is Mumbai Indians, which have won the IPL title 4 times. Now former batsman and commentator Akash Chopra, stating the secret of success of Mumbai Indians, said that it wins the IPL at the auction table itself.

Talking on the YouTube channel, Aakash Chopra said that Mumbai makes a brilliant strategy against any team. Because of this, they win half the battle at auction. He said that the strategy is amazing. They are the only team that wins half the battle at the IPL table. Mumbai has a backup for every player.

The commentator said that when you have an army of good players, in such a situation if a player gets injured or his form is not good then there is not much difficulty because you have a backup. They follow the policy of selecting good players in their team and this is the biggest secret of their success.

He said, citing the example of Jasprit Bumrah that he also trusts young players who later emerge as big players.


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