Mumbai Indians is the most successful IPL team so far. (Source: BCCI)

Everyone was looking forward to this year’s IPL, new players, coaches back up staff, new energy, expectations, young players itching to show their caliber, some old ones like Dhoni probably waiting to show form and make the forthcoming 20/20, world cup in Australia his Swan song.

But Alas, the COVID Pandemic crashed all hopes, including those of cricket lovers and players alike. with IPL on the evening entertainment slot on the TV was confirmed and every fan enjoyed the tournament backing his/her favourite team and rooting for their favourite players.

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There was a loss of entertainment value, as well as huge financial loss to the teams and Cricket Board,as Hundreds of cores of advertising income was lost.

I feel the Board can still win back the lost revenue, and players to excel and show their wares,as there are some cricket-loving countries which can play hosts for the tournament once the lockdown is opened.

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The matches will probably be played behind closed doors, ie for TV audiences only but some financial revenue can definitely be generated. A2 week window will have to be found where all players are free. The host countries can be selected on the basis of

a)No Corona threat.
b)Proper facilities for atleast 4/5, grounds with international standard facilities.
c) International Hotels. and transportation facilities.
d) The popularity of cricket with the local public.

Keeping the above yardsticks in view, I feel the following countries can successfully host the tournament.
3.The West Indies.
4.South Africa.
5.Scotland, Ireland, and Jointly.

Well, the Ball is in BCCIs court, Ganguly has been a dynamic Captain, let’s hope he makes this dynamic decision.