Varun Aaron. Twitter

Varun Aaron will play for Baroda in the upcoming season.

“I am excited because we’ve got a really good team, a great person in Dave Whatmore as coach, and [Ambati] Rayudu is leading the side, along with Krunal and Hardik [Pandya]. I am looking forward to the season, to play a different role, in a different culture—there’s so many different things, different factors. So, I’m really excited and looking forward to it,” Aaron told in an exclusive conversation.

“I haven’t had a word with Hardik yet. He’s with the Indian team, so I haven’t spoken to him,” Aaron said after announcing his move to Baroda. “But definitely, him being in the side is great because I have played with him in the past—India A tours, and stuff like that. and I really look up to him as a cricketer.

“I have a lot of respect for Hardik, with the way he plays his game, the way he goes about it, his attitude—it’s unbelievable. Like, the stuff he has done over the past one year, the way he has come back from injury, the kind of intensity he has. At the same time, he is very relaxed. He is a great guy as well. Getting to know these guys is always great because they are great cricketers.”

“I have no regrets at all. I have absolutely no bitterness with the way things have panned out. I think every individual has a different journey. Not everybody’s journey will be as smooth or not everybody’s journey will be as rough. That said, my journey hasn’t ended in any way. I am still in a place where I’m really enjoying my bowling, my skills are improving every day. My understanding of my own bowling is improving.”

“My fitness is right up there. So I believe that there’s a lot more in me. I’m still playing at the highest level; I am playing in the IPL— we won the IPL this year. So, things are going well. But, obviously, I set very high standards for myself. I would like things to be better, obviously. But yeah, I’m sure things are gonna come my way in the times to come.”

“I’ve just been a bit unlucky to get some funny injuries—mostly bony injuries. But the thing is, that’s part and parcel. If you’re bowling fast for 15 years continuously, there are times when your body is going to be like, “Ok, you’ve got to slow down a bit.” I mean, I’ve never listened to my body. I’ve always listened to my heart. But I’m sure everything is going to come together and it will be something very beautiful,” Varun added.

“I train twice a day for six days a week. There’s a lot of different stuff I do. I’ve had a really, really good offseason with Sudarshan, the main trainer. He comes to the National Cricket Academy. They’ve been incredible. I feel he is one of those trainers, in the Indian setup, who hasn’t got his due. Like, we’ve not spoken much about him.

“The amount of contributions he has made to Indian cricket is immense. So I had a really good two-month work with them. I’m working with a mobility coach in Bangalore, which has done wonders in mobility, working on the smaller muscles and stuff like that. So yeah, it’s been a great offseason. I’m waiting for the season,” the pacer elaborated.