Team India lost in the first match of One Day Series against New Zealand (India vs New Zealand). In this match, Team India gave a huge target of 348, but even this target could not save Team India’s defeat. The bowlers of Team India were especially responsible for this defeat.

1. Shardul Thakur
Shardul Thakur gave 22 runs in the 40th over with a no-ball and gave a total of 80 runs in his 9 overs with an economy of 8.89.

2. Mohammad Shami
Mohammad Shami also did not perform as expected in this match. Shami plundered 63 runs in 9.1 overs and whenever there was a need to build pressure, he kept giving away runs. This allowed Taylor, and his teammates, to remain in the match.

3. Kuldeep Yadav
Kuldeep Yadav gave the highest 84 runs in his 10 overs. He was the highest wicket-taker for Team India. But he was not successful in creating pressure by giving short runs.

4. Ravindra Jadeja
In this match, the magic of Ravindra Jadeja was not shown at all, which was shown in the T20 series. Jadeja gave a total of 64 runs in 10 overs. He did not get a single wicket. While Virat had given him many times in the hope that he would take wickets.

5. Poor Fielding of Team India
Fielding of Team India was very good in this match. Missed two catches. There was no accurate throw at times. So some went over-throw as well. Apart from the run-out of Nicholas by Virat Kohli, the team never looked like it was trying to save a target.