Virat Kohli. (Source: Twitter)

India have been cautioned following their reaction on the DRS result during the third Test against South Africa in Cape Town.

R Ashwin was heard lashing out: “You should find better ways to win, SuperSport”, while teammate Mayank Agarwal also joined in: “Whole country playing against eleven guys.”

Skipper Virat Kohli further added, “Focus on your team as well when they shine the ball… not just the opposition! Trying to catch people all the time. Certainly conducting a fair game here DRS (sic),” the India captain could be heard as saying.

“I have no comment to make. I understood what happened on the field and people on the outside don’t know exactly what goes on the field. So for me to try and justify what we did on the field and say ‘we got carried away… If we would have charged up and picked up three wickets there, that could have been probably the moment that could change the game,” Kohli later said.