COVID-19 saw a return to international cricket after a long time and the first Test between England and the West Indies began on 8 July. During this period, Stuart Broad did not get a place in England’s team. Brad’s statement has come out on this. He expressed disappointment that he was entitled to a place in the team.

Broad said during an interview that he came to know about it at 6 pm the day before the match. Stokes said that under these circumstances we will go to the ground with extra fast bowlers. I wanted clarification on how to pursue my future and I received a lot of positive feedback. I am not a particularly passionate person, but I found the last few days quite difficult. I was disappointed with this.

He said that it is difficult to understand. I have probably bowled the best I have bowled over the years. We are also in a very unique position this summer. Very rarely do you find all your bowlers fit as we have met at this time? I felt that I deserved a place in the team, as someone else would. Now I will do as much as I can in the next week so that I become available for old Trafford.


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