Indian fans cheer for the team. (Source: BCCI)

Is it easy to be an Indian cricket fan especially when it is World Cup time and your team is up against Pakistan? The answer to this is YES. If statistics are to be believed, India are way ahead in the tally to Pakistan, leading them 6-0 in the most prestigious tournament of the game.

But is it only the stats that matter or something else? Yes, apart from stats, another thing that matters to every Indian fan is the zeal that Indian team shows in any competition. No matter, they are succeeding or not, an Indian cricket team’s passion and commitment can never be overlooked.

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For instance, the 2007 edition of the World Cup turned out to be the most disastrous one both on and off-field. We had lost to Bangladesh and were knocked out in the group stage itself. But that wasn’t all. Senior players have had indulged in spats with the coach and he was out of the picture soon.

Then came the inaugural T20 World Cup. Some fair, as well as bold decisions, led to a new rise of Indian cricket and the results, were doing the talking.

Cut to 2019 World Cup in England. No comparisons between India and Pakistan but if you are sitting on this side, you have a different kind of confidence. You are confident that if your openers fail, your skipper will take charge, if your skipper fails, the middle-order would re-jig its strategy instantly and take the responsibility, if the batsmen don’t deliver, the bowlers will and if nothing works, then it would be their fielding that will come into play.

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But this is surely not the case with Pakistan. They can either perform well with the bat or with the ball and in the present scenario “never” in the field. A couple of days back, a Pakistani fan’s photo of him reacting to a dropped catch was making the rounds. Well, you can laugh off the memes made on the picture but the fan’s expressions said it all. He was helpless. This doesn’t mean that India have never been sloppy in the field. Yes, they do have and it is frustrating still as an Indian cricket fan you rely on this third department.

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Thinking and watching any game that India play, as a fan you can have faith in their belief, sit back with your hands behind your head and watch your team play a virtous game of cricket.