Don Bradman holds the record of being the first batsmen with two triple centuries against his name. (Source: Twitter)
Don Bradman holds the record of being the first batsmen with two triple centuries against his name. (Source: Twitter)

Scoring a century itself happens to be a great experience not only for the batsman but for the entire team, and when it comes to triple scoring century in a single match, it is almost unthinkable. But there are some great players involved in the sports of cricket who have made this unbelievable achievable. They have put up an enormous score of 300 runs against their names on some of the most significant occasions that are still celebrated.

In all, there are 26 such spectacular batsmen from eight different nations who have been able to score the striking triple centuries in 30 different test matches. Out of them, only 4 players have been able to cross the mark of 300 runs twice, while the others have earned it once in their career so far.

Some Important Facts Related to Triple Centuries: –

The credit of scoring the very first triple centuries in test cricket lies with Andy Sandham from England, who scored it playing against West Indies in 1930. And Wally Hammond from England holds the record of scoring the quickest triple century playing against New Zealand. Here it is also important to mention that the cricket grounds to witness the highest numbers of triple centuries being scored are Headingly ground in Leeds, England. The second highest has been scored at the Antigua Recreation Ground in St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda. Triple centuries have been scored thrice in each of these two grounds. Also, it is interesting to know that the single nation that has scored magical figures seven times in Australia.

Players Scoring Triple Century Twice

Don Bradman – Amongst the limited number of players who have been able to hit a triple century in test cricket for more than once, the first name is Don Bradman from Australia. A player with great skill for the game, he scored his first triple century in 1930 by putting up a score of 334 against England at Headingley in Leeds. And in 1934, he again braved the massive score of 304, again against England in the same venue. He holds the record of being the first batsmen with two triple centuries against his name.

Virender Sehwag – Another remarkable contributor to this sport who has also crossed the score of 300 runs twice is Virender Sehwag from India. During India’s Test Cricket match with Pakistan in 2004, Virender Sehwag became the Indian batsman to score mammoth 309 runs. He hit 6-sixes and 39 boundaries to reach the dream score. Known for his high hitting spirit, he again amazed all by scoring a massive run of 319 in 2008 against South Africa in Chennai. It happens to be the most top run ever scored by an Indian player so far.

Chris Gayle – Christopher Henry Gayle, popularly known as Chris Gayle from West Indies, scored his first century in 2005 against South Africa. It was through 37 fours and three enormous sixes that he achieved a massive score of 317 and helped West Indies win an almost losing match. Gayle was again able to hit another triple century in the year 2010 by scoring massive 333 runs against Sri Lanka at Galle International Stadium. He hit 34 boundaries and nine sixes to reach the score. He holds the record of being the second batsman at two triple scoring centuries.

Brian Lara – Last but not the least, Brian Lara from West Indies, also holds the claim of achieving the score of triple century twice along with the players mentioned above. It was against England in the year 1994 that he scored the huge and unimaginable 375 runs that happen to be one of the most excellent performances ever. Lara again surprised himself with his Godly performance, when, in 2004, and played to score a figure that would even surpass his earlier triple century. He scored a never before scored run in test matched previously. He achieved 400 runs once again against England and at the same playground, Antigua Recreation Ground of Antigua and Barbuda.

Other than the players mentioned above, 22 different players have scored triple century once in their career. The latest players to score a triple century are Karun Nair from India and Azhar Ali from Pakistan.