India captain Virat Kohli. (Source: Twitter)

There are some important lessons for the team in Team India’s big defeat against Australia in Mumbai (India vs Australia). Of course, this was the toughest challenge for Team India in the last six months, but the defeat of the team is giving many indications for Virat Kohli, which if ignored, Virat can also lose the series.

Great need to improve batting of top order
Virat accepted the defeat after the match and said that his batsmen respected Australian bowlers more. It is the best thing that Virat caught the weak pulse of the team. Team India’s batsmen, especially the openers, need to be aggressive. Rohit and Dhawan let the visitors of the visiting team dominate, which increased the pressure.

Team India bowlers will have to make an effective strategy
Of course, 256 was a small score according to the pitch and conditions, but the bowlers of Team India will have to work seriously on the strategy of saving a small score and keep working on making the match challenging in every situation. How Finch and Warner won so easily is a question that is most important for bowling coach Bharat Arun. If this is not done, then a score of more than 300 will not save Team India.

Virat Kohli needs to change strategy
Virat Kohli’s captaincy was certainly good so far, but he failed to change his strategy against Australia. It would not be enough to give up everything only on the good performance of the players. Virat, as he himself pointed out, now needs to be aggressive and the same applies to his captaincy.

Middle-order also needs change
There are also individual lessons for every player from this match. From batsmen to bowlers, their performance has to be seriously considered. Shreyas Iyer, Rishabh Pant, Ravindra Jadeja will have to play more sensitively according to their batting conditions. They are not playing bad, but the chances of getting better are more.

Bowlers will have to create an impact
The bowlers will have to work on pressure tactics, increase accuracy. A four or six pressure at the start of the over brings the bowler. Warner and Finch aggressively put pressure on the Indian bowlers and made their victory easy in the match by hitting 100 runs in 13 overs. Every bowler needs to work on it.

There is a big challenge for Team India in Rajkot. The records here are against the team, but both teams are playing here for the first time. Virat has a tough challenge, of course, but he needs to focus more on occasions.


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