Rohit Sharma. (Source: Twitter)

A lot of discussions and debates have been going on Rohit Sharma’s fitness and how he hasn’t traveled to Auhe side. But as per some reports by renowned sports journalist Boria Majumdar, Rohit returned to Mumbai from UAE to see his father – who had contracted the COVID-19.

“Rohit came to Mumbai with the Mumbai Indians because his father had Covid. That is the reality which is why he had to go back to Bombay. After that, if he did not want to play the red-ball series, there was no reason for him to travel to the NCA and he could have easily stayed back in Bombay with Ritika and family and enjoyed the fruits of success. So there’s absolutely no reason to say that Rohit did not want to play the red-ball series,” Boria said in a video.

“Even if they travel now they will have ‘hard quarantine’ since they will travel by commercial flight. Hard quarantine means not being able to train during the 14 days like the whole team,” the source said.

“So, now if only Cricket Australia can convince the government and allow them to train during quarantine,” he added.