Mohammed Siraj. (Source: Twitter)

An India-born Australian businessman, Darshak Mehta has revealed about the racism prevailing in stadiums down under.
“Going back from the ground to our cars is the most horrific experience,” said Mehta to the Sydney Morning Herald.

“People firstly think you’re a wanker because you drive a good car; secondly if you’re of a different colour they call you a drug dealer.

“There is a deeply ingrained sense of superiority or envy or dislike or whatever words you want to use,” added Mehta, who moved from Mumbai to Sydney 33 years ago and has been an SCG member for three decades.

“This is a box so you’d think either he was successful or well educated or holds down a good job,” Mr Mehta said. “He was shouting loudly: ‘I’d take 100 Pakis rather than a billion Indians’ and stuff like that.”

“The only place I haven’t seen it is during T20 games. It is the form of the game I hate most but that I love best as a spectator – not to watch the game but at least I can go home without harassment. [Spectators are] not drunk and they’re there with families and children.

“It is a deadly combination: the sun, a group of people and the safety in numbers aspect. People think you support a team by denigrating others.

“It is ugly and it is blatantly racist.”